Earth Day Carol

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In this green retelling of Charles Dickens' classic A Christmas Carol, Plastic Bottle Scrooge is visited by the ghosts of Plastic Past, Plastic Present, and Plastic Future. Join Scrooge to discover how all of us can help make the planet a clean, beautiful place. Visit and follow Earth Day Carol on Facebook!

Narrated by Janet Varney ("Legend of Korra", "Entourage", "Dinner and a Movie"), illustrated by Jack Hunter, retold by Torran Anderson, and edited by Michelle Parker-Rock.

Merge Healthcare Prototype App

Merge Healthcare - acquired by IBM for $1 billion in October 2015 - has partnered with Zippy Brain to develop an app prototype to showcase at RSNA 2015. The goal of the app is to provide Merge's end users (physicians, technologists, and site leaders) with a single portal to interact with Merge's various services.



Take a spin in the chopper to put out fires!

Pilot your chopper through the forest to drop as much water as you can! It's up to you to fight the wildfire, but plenty of obstacles will stand in your way!

"Helitack" is a real term used in wildland firefighting to refer to fire resources delivered via helicopter.

Birds vs. Bees: Beehive Blast


Defend the beehive! It’s sundown, and the honeybees need to get to safety! Send them into their beehive while keeping the birds out!

Control the wind with your fan! As honeybees fly through the forest, blow them into their home! Flocks of hungry birds will cross your path: blow them out of the way while saving as many bees as you can. The beehive is safe, but only if you keep it that way!